Friday, March 03, 2006


Dear Patty and Chris,
After viewing ABDUCTION at the Sedona Film Festival, I want you know how much this documentary touched my heart! Congratulations on creating such a fine documentary. You have captured a parent's grief dealing with a life long quest to find their beautiful daughter, Megumi. The struggle that all of the families depicted in your film have endured is heartbreaking and reminds us how cruel it is to keep any innocent human against his or her will. As a mother, I can identify with the sheer frustration and agony that each family member has had to endure these many years.
Thank you for telling this important story. I am wearing Megumi's pin in honor of all of you who fight the good fight!
Good luck on getting this important message out to the World!
Sedona, AZ

I met you guys at the sedona film festival, and was happy to talk to you for a bit about your movie. I gotta say, it was amazing. Very few movies move me in a way that this one did, and I'll admit it was the first one to make me cry. That says a lot because I'm not the crying type. I'm currently a college student at Arizona State University and just wanted to know if there was anything I could do on campus to get the word out on these horrible attrocities. Sadly, I've talked to various people about this movie and none of them knew about the abductions by North Korea. Maybe they don't follow the news, or maybe it's just not really being reported much in the U.S. Whatever the case, great movie, and I hope as many people as possible see this film


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