Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Hi again...

We received this email today, one day after returning from the Sedona International Film Festival. This woman attended the sold-out show on Saturday and this is what she wrote us...

As a mother and grandmother, I experienced the overwhelming angst felt by Megumi's mother--there can be no greater loss than having a child simply disappear. No doubt, she felt nothing but guilt for the longest time and castigated herself daily with the "if only" syndrome. Mrs. Yokota was simply raising her three children with great hopes and expectations for their futures, knowing that her strong love and daily concern for their welfare would bring the desired results. There was no way for her to prepare for the horror which so suddenly turned her world upside down.

Mrs. Yokota must know that all mothers feel her pain and know the horrendous price she has paid over the years, although she was absolutely free of blame--there is evil in this world and good people are not always capable of confronting it because they seldom recognize it until after the fact.

The impact on the entire family is staggering--they have lived a "cause" rather than a life . What makes it more frustrating is the fact that the North Koreans prefer to cover up their evil, even when presented with facts, rather than expose those guilty of this heinous act.

Mrs. Yokota has hopefully had some assurance that Megumi has at least had a home and family, food and shelter over the years, even though she had no freedom to return to her real homeland.

Again, Patty, you have done a splendid job of presenting this heartwrenching story of one family's fight against evil. The Yokotas need to give themselves permission to live now and enjoy their grandchildren before poor health renders that an impossibility.

Sedona, Arizona


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