Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Morning here and the sun has finally come out after days of rain and clouds in San Francisco. We had our screening last night at the Kabuki Theater. The tickets were sold out days in advance and it was a standing-room only crowd. A fantastic audience that was totally engaged in the story. It was also probably our most diverse crowd yet...not just ethnic diversity but a real range in ages which is always super encouraging to us. Eric, one of the producers from "Eve and The Fire Horse" (, a Sundance award-winning film, was there. We were really honored and excited when our friends Roko and Adrian Belic showed up. These two dynamic men were the filmmakers behind the fantastic documentary "Genghis Blues" that won all kinds of awards and was nominated for an Oscar. Our friend John Wood also came out to support us and hosted a party afterwards that went into the wee hours. John started "Room to Read" (, a non-profit organization that helps build schools and libraries all over the world. John left a fancy job at Microsoft to do that, which has always been a huge inspiration to us. A great outing in San Francisco! This morning I got this email from an audience member at the SF screening...

"This is a very powerful movie. My wife and I were extremely impressed, all the more so because we’ve spent so much time dealing with Japanese and Korean issues throughout our lives. (She leads a much more interesting life than I do, but hey...) The next time you’re in San Francisco, please allow a fellow Quebecois to buy you dinner.

Again, much kudos for a magnificent film."



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