Tuesday, January 17, 2006


We are finally here in Park City, Utah, and yes it's COLD! But the buzz is HOT around the film ABDUCTION. The first screening has already sold out and it's still two days away (on Sunday, January 22 at 6pm). The Los Angeles Times called ABDUCTION one of the best films in Park City this year and that has focused a lot of attention on it. Our families helped hand out postcards and put up posters around town and it seems to have drawn the even more attention. The Japanese media have also been covering the story with a lot of excitment and passion and that's helped bring even more scrutiny on the film.
Mr. Teruaki Masumoto arrived from Tokyo today to find us wearing our ABDUCTION t-shirts over our winter jackets...part of the ongoing advertising effort.

All the attention has helped prove our theory all along that Americans truly do care about the story of the Japanese abductions. We hope this carries beyond the festival.


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