Tuesday, December 19, 2006


It's been awhile since we posted messages from people who are going to the film.
Here are some recent ones that we've been getting from viewers...

Dear Chris and Patty: Congratulations on a magnificent achievement.
Although I was unable to accept your invitation to the premier, I later
saw the film along with my family at the E Street Theater. You have
captured this bizarre tragedy in a moving drama focusing on the families
and their milieu. As a senior State Department official, I met the
families on their first visit to Washington in 2001. I had earlier
raised the plight of the abductees in numerous meetings with the North
Koreans. No one can watch your film without understanding how deeply
this episode has affected Japan. I will certainly recommend that
friends in New York and Washington see the film. Best regards, Tom
(the writer is a former US Ambassador)

Dear Chris and Patty:

I did go down and see Abduction last Friday.
I went to the demonstration by the Japanese NGOs in front of the White House
right after the movie, protesting against abduction by Kim Jong-il. The
movie was very powerful, and I cried a lot. Especially when I had to watch
the mothers crying for their children. Megumi has been a big part of the
Kim Jong-il's Genocide Exhibit, and I knew her story better than others.
However, it was different watching your movie, I was overwhelmed. I read it
has been a huge success in DC as well as in Japan. You worked so hard you
deserve all the applause and awards Abduction got. Hope to see you soon
sometime in the near future. I wrote an article about you and Abduction
yesterday in Korean for the ignorant and selfish people in South Korea. I
hope Abduction turns them around, and helps save our people in North Korea.
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you!

Warm regards,


Dear Chris and Patty,
I just went to see the film last weekend at E St. cinema in DC. I have been really eager to watch the film and was extremely moved by the personal touch you put on the story. Audiences related extremely well with Megumi's and other families that lost loved ones to such hedious acts of terrorism. I found myself crying over some scenes as I also heard some sobs across the theatre. It was an extremely powerful story and I really congratulate you on telling it so well on film. Your movie has really inspired me to do some further research on the abduction issue and I wish you continued success on future screenings and your next films.

Dear Chris and Patty,

I just watched your film last week, and am writing to express many
thanks from my heart to your efforts.
I could not stop my tears all through the film. Both from my individual
and objective perspectives, I will not forget this film forever.
Although I know some of the story, the film makes me renew my feelin
and thinking. At the individual level, I thought about parents', including
my parents', deep and infinite loves, and was stunned by Yokota-san's
continuing beliefs and efforts even facing piles of obstacles and
hardships. I felt a stream of strength and warmth through the darkness of life and
For the objective part, I thought back about how the decision-making is
slow in the government, and how the civil society tends to overlook
important issues. If I have any chance to go back to Japan to teach college
students in international studies that is my area, I would like to discuss with
them how the individual lives are related to the international society with
your film. For the time being, I will recommend my friends in Japan to take
a look at your film.

Best Regards,


Hey Patty,

I thought it was a really great film. I was especially impressed by your ability to tell a story - just the right amount of big picture and small details to maintain interest. Showing the private lives of Megumi's parents also brought an intimacy to the story that totally involved me. You should be very proud.


I just saw an incredible film tonight called "Abduction." It's a documentary about the
kidnapping of Japanese citizens by North Korean agents. You need to see this film! It's at the Landmark E Street Theatre.



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