Monday, October 09, 2006


Hi all,

We're just back from our second trip to Japan this year and this time, it was much crazier. I barely got any sleep because I just couldn't get over the time difference (this is a consistent problem for me in Japan) but it didn't matter because we were well looked after. Our wonderful distributor, Gaga Communications Inc., brought us over to promote the film's upcoming theatrical release in November. The film will open in 20 cities across Japan I'm told. Originally, the release was supposed to be much smaller but apparently theater owners called Gaga asking for the film. This is a big coup for the story of the Japanese abductions since a lot of Japanese people still do not know the whole story. Anyway, our media tour turned out to be one of the most intense that the distributor has ever had to plan. Three days of non-stop interviews with every major newspaper, TV station and radio. 45 interviews in total. Whew! But it's all worth it since it will help get the story out. Patty and I had the kind of experience in Japan on this latest tour that every filmmaker should have at least once in their life...everything's well-planned, taken care of and the publicity is topknotch. We'll see whether it all pays off on November 25th when the film opens. In the meantime, I've added a photo (above) to show one of the best days of the tour...October 5th, Megumi's 42nd birthday. Megumi's parents can barely be seen to the right of the photo along with us. At the press conference, Megumi's Mom said to the media that this film is the best birthday present they could give Megumi. Patty and I were nearly in tears. We hope you'll spread the word to your friends in Japan but don't forget that the film's opening in Washington, DC on November 24th at the Landmark E Street Cinema as well. I'll blog more on that later.


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