Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Finally back from LA after showing our film at the ArcLight Theatres in Hollywood. Sunday night was a madhouse with a packed audience, a ton of Japanese press and the future First Lady of Japan, Mrs. Akie Abe, on hand. We were very honored to have Mrs. Abe there. She saw the film in June in Tokyo and loved it. She's now a firm supporter of it and wants as many people to see it as possible...a pretty good person to have on your side when you're trying to promote your film. Sunday was also really special because our good friends Kathy and Amy Eldon were there to see the film for the first time. Their "Creative Visions Foundation" helped us during the making of the film but, more importantly, Kathy and Amy are the whole reason we went out and made the film in the first place. We credited them with that fact in the film. See if you're interested in their movement to support "media that matters" and to learn more about them. A couple of the producers from "Quinceanera" showed up too which was great. "Quinceanera" was the Sundance Film Festival winner this year and is now in theatres if you want to see an excellent film.
We were also joined by Tom Yoda, Chairman of Gaga Communications Inc, one of Japan's largest film distributors. He was there to show his support and to be on hand for our official announcement that we've now signed a deal in Japan with Gaga. The film will open in theatres there in November. We are so excited and honored that Gaga has taken the film. We hope Japanese people will show their support for it and the families of the abductees by going to see it (see the press release on this blog).


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