Thursday, August 17, 2006


Arrived in Los Angeles this week in advance of the Hollywood opening. The airline lost our bags so we were forced to wear the same clothes for 24 hours. But we're back on track now and ready to bring ABDUCTION to new audiences here in LA. Akie Abe, the woman who is considered to be the next First Lady of Japan, will be attending the screening on Sunday (her husband, Shinzo Abe, is expected to win the election to succeed Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi in September). The Japanese media has been calling us non-stop in advance of her trip. It's a pretty big deal that she'll be there. Other guests will include the Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles as well as Kathy and Amy Eldon, the dynamic duo who inspired us to go out and make the film in the first place. Their tireless work on behalf of so many dispossessed people such as the children caught in the crossfire of the brutal civil war in Uganda and their continued efforts to make a film about their son and brother Dan has given us so much energy and hope.
Make sure you tell your friends in LA to come out and see this film! See the showtimes just below this blog...We will be at the first four shows.
In other news, the Asian Film Festival of Dallas emailed us last week to let us know we won the award for Best Documentary. This is number five for the film and very exciting.


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