Friday, June 30, 2006


This is from the Mainichi newspaper in Tokyo...


Film depicting the abduction of Megumi Yokota shown in Tokyo

A film depicting the abduction of Megumi Yokota by North Korea and her family's life was shown on Tuesday night in Tokyo in a preview.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe and members of a group of abductees' families and an organization supporting them were present at the preview. The schedule for showing the film to the general public has not yet been determined, organizers said.
The film titled, "Abduction," which was produced by a couple living in Washington, depicts the life of Yokota's family from the time when she was abducted up to now. It quotes former North Korean spies.
Yokota's father, 73-year-old Shigeru, hailed the movie. "It was well produced. It's perfect."
Her mother, Sakie, 70, also said the film showed the sadness of her life. "I couldn't stop shedding tears as I thought she led such a sad life." (Mainichi)


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