Monday, June 12, 2006


We're back from the Atlanta Film Festival -- another successful outing. The festival director, Jake Jacobsen, was one of the first directors (after Slamdance) to contact us and tell us he really wanted the film. He's been a big supporter after he saw it in Park City in January. The Atlanta opening night was packed with an audience that kept us answering questions for well over an hour after the screening. The screening was at the Landmark Midtown Art Theatre, located in a very hip area of Atlanta. Locals tell me they show the best arthouse films in the city and there are some great restaurants in the neighborhood, including this absolutely out-of-this-world good Vietnamese restaurant called "Nam". Someone reported that Matthew Perry (of FRIENDS fame) was in the audience the first night although I didn't personally spot him. Two friends sat behind him. The second screening on Monday was excellent with another enthusiastic response during the Q&A. Some of the most beautiful things written so far in our message book to Megumi's family were written following our Atlanta screenings. It's those gestures that really move us and make us realize the effect this film's having on people. We told the audience that we'd be bringing those messages directly to the Yokota family in a couple of weeks when we see them during our private screening for the families of the abductees, the government and media. But first, it's off to Sydney, Australia tomorrow for our opening in the land down under. Hopefully, Aussies won't be too wrapped up in World Cup fever (the Australian team beat Japan yesterday for their first-ever World Cup win) to come out to the film. It'll be the first time we show it with Jane Campion present which will be an absolute thrill for us. We'll keep you posted.


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