Wednesday, May 03, 2006


It's now official...Toronto is the best city on the planet! On Saturday night, at the largest documentary film festival in North America, hundreds of people jammed a 850-seat theater in Toronto to see ABDUCTION. The film is part of the International Showcase section of the Hot Docs International Film Festival. We managed to get some good press from Canada's Globe and Mail, NOW magazine and Eye Weekly, three of Canada's most important papers. We also had a story in the Toronto Star about Megumi and the abductions and got an interview on CBC Newsworld. The tickets sold out well before the first show and many people were turned away. What a sensational night for the film! About 60 family and friends showed up to lend their support and gave Patty and I a huge whoop when we took the stage to introduce the film. What a great homecoming for us but an even better night for the abduction issue as many Canadians are now part of the growing number of people who know about this story. Our second screening on Monday sold out well in advance making Toronto our best outing yet in terms of numbers and overall interest in the film. Among the audience members were Jan Wong, the daring Globe and Mail correspondent whose book "Red China Blues" was a sensation in Canada. Mark Kelly also showed up, the CBC correspondent whose hard work and good looks have made him one of Canada's most watched TV correspondents. Our friend and former colleague Dennis Trudeau, who anchored the CBC News in Montreal for many years and is now enjoying life away from the camera, also made it to the opening night. Thank you Toronto for making our experience at Hot Docs one of the best so far!


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As someone who was witness to the film's first showing in Toronto, I have to say the documentary moved me to tears. I was forced to use THREE tissues while watching the anguish of Megumi's parents as well as the others. The story moved at a quick pace and kept me compelled all along. It also surpised me at different moments and managed to keep me guessing about its outcome. Overall, an emotional docu-thriller told with heart.jc in t.o.


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