Wednesday, April 26, 2006


We're back from Boston and have a couple of days before we take off to Toronto for the Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival. What a great experience in Boston! Teruaki Masumoto and Kenichi Ichikawa joined us for both screenings at the Independent Film Festival of Boston. Masumoto's sister and Ichikawa's brother were on a date at the beach in 1978 when they were both abducted by North Korean spies. To have Masumoto and Ichikawa at the screening was such an emotional moment for both Patty and I. And to make it better, the packed audience on opening night gave them a standing ovation which was one of the most moving moments of our festival experience. Both question-and-answer periods went on forever and continued into the hallways afterwards. Masumoto and Ichikawa are in the US along with a delegation that includes Megumi's mother. They had a demo in DC and got some press last week in the Washington Post. They will testify Thursday before Congress and help bring the story of the abductions to the American people and policymakers. Next stop for us is Toronto. Here are the screening times:

Saturday, April 29th, 6:30pm
Bloor Cinema

Monday, May 1, 9:45pm
Al Green Theatre


At 7:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for making this film. i saw it on may 1st at hot docs and was completely blown away. i had no idea how complex and political the abduction issue is. my heart goes out to the families, especially megumi's. i can't imagine the pain and frustation these families have felt and do still feel on a daily basis. i admire their strength and courage. i hope in the near future they will uncover the truth about their loved ones - they have suffered enough.


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