Thursday, January 19, 2006


Well, day three at Slamdance has passed and the interest in ABDUCTION continues to grow. Rumor now is that the second screening, still three days away, will also be sold out. We await the opening night with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Two years of our work will now come under the scrutiny of regular people and industry types. But the experience of being here and seeing people react to the buzz around the film and the provocative subject matter really reminds us that this film has potential to really grab people. We did a number of interviews with Japanese media today and they will all be on hand on Sunday night to witness the premiere. They are curious and eager to see how these two crazy directors have interpreted a story that is so personal and so political for them. On a seperate note, the celebrity sightings here in Park City are more than anyone can handle. Saw Lucy Liu, Willie Nelson, Nick Nolte, a guy from the movie Dodgeball, Vinnie Chase from Entourage, John Waters and many more. Last night, we sat down to eat and Stewart Copeland (drummer for the Police) was eating at the next table.


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